Agents-Flex is a Java framework specifically designed for LLM (Language Learning Model) applications. This lightweight and simple framework provides developers with a more elegant solution for building LLM-based applications.

With Agents-Flex, developers can easily connect to various LLMs using different network protocols, including HTTP, SSE, and WS. The framework supports seamless integration with popular LLM platforms such as OpenAI, LLama, and others, enabling developers to leverage the power of these platforms in their applications.

One of the key features of Agents-Flex is its rich set of development templates and prompt frameworks. Developers can choose from pre-defined templates like FEW-SHOT, CRISPE, BROKE, and ICIO, or they can customize their own unique prompt templates to suit their specific application requirements.

Agents-Flex also provides a flexible function calling component, allowing developers to define local methods, parse inputs, and execute local methods to obtain results. This component supports callbacks through LLMs, enabling seamless interaction between the application and the LLM platform.

Additionally, Agents-Flex offers components for document handling, including loaders, parsers, and splitters. These components make it easy to load data from various sources such as the web, local files, databases, and different data types, enabling developers to efficiently process and analyze documents.

The framework also includes a memory module, which consists of message memory and context memory. These components are used to record chat messages and chain execution contexts, providing developers with the ability to create more interactive and context-aware applications.

Agents-Flex is released under the Apache License, ensuring its open-source nature and allowing developers to freely use and modify the framework according to their needs.

To learn more about Agents-Flex and its capabilities, visit the Agents-Flex official website.