Casablanca is an innovative virtual webcam developed by Casablanca.AI GmbH. It aims to enhance video call experiences by providing authentic eye contact during virtual meetings. With Casablanca, users can enjoy more engaging and meaningful interactions, just as if they were having face-to-face conversations.

Authentic eye contact plays a crucial role in human communication. It fosters trust, captures attention, and contributes to increased productivity, as supported by scientific studies. Casablanca leverages advanced software algorithms to recreate natural eye contact without the need for additional hardware. It creates the illusion of a small camera placed in the center of the screen, eliminating the distraction of a physical camera.

One of Casablanca’s key strengths is its compatibility with popular video call solutions such as Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet. Users can seamlessly integrate Casablanca into their preferred video conferencing tools, enabling them to benefit from authentic eye contact across different platforms.

To further emphasize the impact of Casablanca, let’s hear what industry experts have to say. Céline Flores Willers, CEO of The People Branding Company, believes that Casablanca’s attention to detail will make a significant difference in the near future. Jonas Andrulis, CEO of Aleph Alpha, appreciates how Casablanca retains head and eye movement, making it a valuable tool for continuous use. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut, Minister of Economic Affairs in Baden-Württemberg, describes Casablanca as a significant leap forward for those constantly engaged in video conversations.

Casablanca ensures the privacy and security of users’ data. All image data from video calls is processed locally on the user’s device, guaranteeing 100% data protection. Additionally, Casablanca operates in real-time, allowing users to utilize the solution without any noticeable delays.

Experience authentic eye contact in your video calls with Casablanca. Visit Casablanca to learn more and elevate your virtual communication to the next level.