ClearedContact by Auventic, Inc. is a powerful mobile app that aims to enhance communication security in the era of generative AI. With ClearedContact, users can maintain their existing phone number and native phone app while effectively protecting their phone calls from the growing threat of deep fake AI voice fraud.

In today’s digital landscape, where AI technology has advanced to the point of generating highly convincing deep fake voices, it is crucial to have tools like ClearedContact to safeguard against malicious actors. This innovative app employs various strategies to combat AI voice fraud, including pre-notification and code word generation for both the caller and recipient.

By implementing pre-notification, ClearedContact ensures that users are aware of incoming calls and can verify the authenticity of the caller before engaging in conversation. Additionally, the app generates unique code words that can be used to confirm identities during calls, providing an extra layer of protection.

With ClearedContact, users can have peace of mind knowing that they have a reliable defense against AI voice cloning attempts. By denying requests from bad actors who may try to exploit the trust associated with familiar voices, users can protect themselves from potential financial scams and other fraudulent activities.

To learn more about ClearedContact and how it can help you combat the threat of AI deep fake phone calls, visit Auventic, Inc..