iNLP is an advanced AI language assessment tool that revolutionizes the process of screening manuscripts in the publishing industry. With iNLP, the time-consuming task of assessing language quality is drastically reduced, transforming a months-long process into a matter of minutes. More than just a tool, iNLP becomes an invaluable ally on your editorial journey, setting new standards for automated language assessment.

One of the key features of iNLP is its ability to provide in-depth analysis and easy identification of complex grammatical errors. It offers intelligent recommendations for context-based corrections, ensuring flow and consistency in the language. The platform is highly configurable, allowing for on-demand customization to address unique business needs. With its superior scalability, iNLP can efficiently screen manuscripts within minutes, empowering publishers to accelerate their time-to-market.

The benefits of using iNLP are significant. It leads to a 100% increase in editorial productivity and a 30% improvement in production turnaround time. The seamless integration with manuscript submission platforms streamlines workflows, while up to 40% cost savings in copyediting can be achieved. iNLP also offers on-demand scalability to handle large volumes of manuscripts, ensuring efficient language quality assessment.

To learn more about iNLP and how it can optimize language quality with AI-based language assessment, visit iNLP.