Merton is an innovative AAC app designed specifically for Apple Vision Pro. This groundbreaking application utilizes the latest advancements in AI and spatial computing technology to empower individuals who are unable to speak. With Merton, they can now effectively communicate with their loved ones or care teams, breaking down barriers and giving them a voice.

One of the key features of Merton is its AI-powered Communication Board. This intuitive interface allows users to select quick phrases or create custom messages. The app’s AI capabilities even predict the user’s next phrases based on past interactions, making communication faster and more efficient than traditional methods like paper boards or other AAC devices/software. Whether it’s expressing needs, thoughts, or feelings, Merton provides a natural and swift way for voice-impaired individuals to communicate.

In addition to the Communication Board, Merton also offers a unique Pain Tracker feature. This functionality is especially beneficial for individuals with limited or no motor functions. By using simple eye movements and Apple Vision Pro, users can quickly pinpoint areas of pain on their body. This not only helps them express their pain but also improves the caregiving process by enabling quicker and more accurate responses to their pain management needs.

Privacy is a top priority for Merton. They prioritize the security and confidentiality of user data, ensuring that individuals can communicate with peace of mind.

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