MyGenie is an advanced AI-powered solution that revolutionizes enterprise search and knowledge discovery. As your AI companion, MyGenie is designed to securely and efficiently meet a broad spectrum of corporate knowledge needs.

With MyGenie, you can unlock the full potential of your enterprise’s knowledge base, enhancing decision-making and productivity across all levels. This intelligent search AI combines with concise content summarization AI, making every piece of information easily accessible and understandable for all team members, regardless of their accessibility needs.

One of the key advantages of MyGenie is its ability to navigate through extensive internal and external data sources in a straightforward and secure manner. It ensures compliance with data protection and privacy standards, giving you peace of mind.

MyGenie offers a streamlined and intuitive 4-step workflow, starting with secure voice or text input, followed by AI-powered discovery, automated summarization, and finally voice or text output. This seamless process enables efficient knowledge discovery and retrieval.

The applications of MyGenie are versatile and can be applied across various domains including publishing, corporate learning and development, education/EdTech, technology, information and media, and healthcare.

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